mpgBasics Lesson 4 with MPG Mike

Well this is MPG Mike. Welcome to installment 4 of or your basic mpg on training course. We’re gonna talk about another mover shaker, his name’s Tom Ogle. In 1979 Tom Ogle drive a 1970 Ford Galaxy 500 104 miles on a single gallon of gas. This was filmed as he left El Paso Texas growth to Deming New Mexico and most in a way back. The vehicles inspected by mechanics and engineers, the press and a bunch of other people. Again it wasn’t laboratory NASA type testing, but I it was very, very credible. Now I want to introduce you to this gentleman because it’s going to give you some more foundational education. as it were. Now Tom Ogle was a young 20-something. He was mowing his grass and a rock kicked up and knocked a hole in the fuel tank of his lawn mower.

Watch the movie for the rest of the story.
▶ mpgBasics Lesson 4 with MPG Mike – YouTube


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