mpgBasics Lesson 5

Well, this is Mike Holler, welcome to installment number five of the MPG basics online training course. Today I’m going to teach you a little bit about oils. There’s a lot of controversy out there, who was bragging they got the best oil. I’ve done a little research and actually tried a few different oils and came to some conclusions and I’ll share my opinions. Let’s start out with oils. You basically have three categories a oils from the market today. There will be a fourth very shortly but lets not worry about that fourth oil let’s just discuss the three that you can purchase today. Watch the video for the full story on oils and oil additives.


mpgBasics Lesson 4 with MPG Mike

Well this is MPG Mike. Welcome to installment 4 of or your basic mpg on training course. We’re gonna talk about another mover shaker, his name’s Tom Ogle. In 1979 Tom Ogle drive a 1970 Ford Galaxy 500 104 miles on a single gallon of gas. This was filmed as he left El Paso Texas growth to Deming New Mexico and most in a way back. The vehicles inspected by mechanics and engineers, the press and a bunch of other people. Again it wasn’t laboratory NASA type testing, but I it was very, very credible. Now I want to introduce you to this gentleman because it’s going to give you some more foundational education. as it were. Now Tom Ogle was a young 20-something. He was mowing his grass and a rock kicked up and knocked a hole in the fuel tank of his lawn mower.

Watch the movie for the rest of the story.
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